SKY MIRROR ASTROLOGY brings the power of real time astrology into the palm of your hand.

Laid out as a simple chart and ephemeris, the Sky Mirror reflects current planetary positions within the zodiac, for your specific geographic time and location.


  • It's the perfect way to capture and share the astrological snapshot of a special moment in time: that first date, the birth of a child... your wedding day!

  • A great starting point for discussion and analysis. Share and get the worlds feedback!

  • Determine the best dates for weddings, business proposals, travel, investing, asking for that big raise.

  • Use it to learn by observation of patterns and trends, reflected in the sky mirror.

  • A must for the beginning and professional astrologer.


  • Chart accuracy to the second and within 10 meters

  • Topographic and geocentric chart calculation

  • Easy to read planet and house positions

  • Share charts on Facebook, Twitter, and email

  • Jump forward and back in time