Rollin Frost, Master Astrologer of 40 years, has been broadcasting his television show on Hawaiian public access stations for over 17 years. Enjoy each show of pithy commentary, weekly Sky Mirror analysis, and more!

Chart Work Rates:

The "Jeep": $65.00

The "Chevy": $95.00

The "Cadillac": $125.00

The SKY MIRROR ASTROLOGY APP brings the power of real time astrology into the palm of your hand.

Have questions? Comments? Email me at or call the number above.

Here's what I'll need in order to do an accurate, personalized chart reading for you.

An accurate birth time, from your birth certificate. This accuracy of this time is extremely important! Don't forget to include AM or PM.

Your birth date of course, along with the city of birth.

A name that you wish to be called? It can be your real name or a nickname.

A phone number in case I need to reach you, rest assured I will not be using it for anything other than to clarify something or ask about something that may be missing.

The level of service you wish to purchase, Jeep, Chevy, or Cadillac. (see below)

A personal check or money order written to Rollin Frost sent to the address you see in the box above.

Call me! We can make all the arrangements over the phone. (Daytime Hawaii time please!)

Here's a breakdown of the personal chart readings I will do:

All three levels of chart work get you to the same destination, the next 2 years in detail on DVD, along with a hand drawn chart and printouts of transits, progressions, and solar returns.

The "Jeep" $65: is about an hour long reading.

The "Chevy" $95: are an hour and a half, a more detailed analysis.

The "Cadillac" $125: are 2 hours in much more detail, your particular questions are analyzed thoroughly.

Special service are available such as solar returns, compatibility, and elections like surgery, marriage, business starts, ect. Call me for more details.

Would you just like to know what you're rising sign is? Call me with your birth data, It would be my pleasure to let you know what it is! Free of charge!